The game Stroop effect

As they grow older, the human brain accumulates knowledge and experience, on the basis of which patterns and strategies of human perception of the environment, reactions to stimuli and life situations are developed.

Such a brain strategy is quite justified, a minimum of energy is spent on making a decision, and the response to a stimulus occurs in a short time. Along with this, a person's ability to find and accept non-standard creative decisions decreases, flexibility in the perception of the world decreases, the brain "ossifies"

There are a number of exercises and practices aimed at developing a person's creative, creative thinking. One such exercise is Cognitive Color. This exercise is based on the Stroop effect, a delay in choosing the right color when it is incorrectly described.

The rules of the Stroop effect exercise online are very simple, you need to click on the rectangle of the color that describes the word shown at the moment. The difference in the color of the shown word and the color that this word describes is misleading to the brain when it is necessary to work not according to templates, but based on the current situation.

Games based on the Stroop effect have been proven to increase the cognitive abilities of the brain, develop attention, focusing it not on abstract perception, but on the essence of the issue, and help find creative solutions faster and more efficiently. Improving voluntary attention will increase productivity, guaranteeing optimal decisions in various situations.